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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
More Good Reads (and Procrastinating the President)

Yes, I'm well aware that ABC has created for the small screen another high-profile instance of what the Democrats have trouble creating in reality: a president. This one happens to be a female president, played by Geena Davis. It was the best-rated show on prime-time broadcast television last night. But I was home with a baby and at least two older children; I only saw fragments. I taped it, and I'll watch it and report as soon as time permits.

Meanwhile, see Jonah Goldberg on John Roberts and the Democrats.

Here's a rather disturbing piece by Lee Siegel on children in Russia. (Have I mentioned I'm a Russophile?)

Tony Snow discusses the likely consequences of federal preemption when disasters occur.

John Heilemann pines for Robert Bork, the failed but intellectually challenging Supreme Court nominee from 1987.

And George Will unloaded on Senator Dianne Feinstein, who deserves it.

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