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Friday, July 1, 2005
A Busy Day at the Blog, Part III: The Unnatural Spring in Downtown American Fork

For several days, there's been a lot of water coming out of the ground at the intersection of Center Street and Main Street in American Fork. I can't tell just by looking whether it's a water main (meaning American Fork City is responsible) or an irrigation ditch (meaning the irrigation company is responsible). But whoever is responsible is not acting very responsibly.

If it's the City, they look pretty clueless or indifferent. If it's the irrigation company, they look the same - and the City looks impotent, if they can't force the irrigation company to fix the problem in a timely manner.

I realize it's a wet year, as happens every seven-to-ten years, but even if we have water to spare right now, and even if we can afford to abandon our conservative habits (which I doubt, since we'll need them next year), do we also have City budget money to spare for fixing the inevitable road damage?

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