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Saturday, June 18, 2005
The Great American Fork Chili Cook-off, and Dick Durbin and John McCain Cook Off, Too

Rather by accident, I had the pleasure of discovering a fun little event at our neighborhood CAL Ranch store this afternoon: the annual Great American Fork Chili Cook-Off. A few dollars bought my son and me the right to taste a diverse bunch of fine chilis. I didn't quite agree with the official judges' conclusions, but everything I tasted was so good, the judges couldn't have gone too far wrong if they had wanted to.

Meanwhile, if Senator Dick Durbin is so consumed by partisan hatred or so incapable of critical thought that he can't tell the difference between our prison at Guantanamo Bay and a Soviet gulag or Nazi concentration camp, he ought to resign in shame from the US Senate and either check in somewhere for some serious, long-term therapy or go back to school.

John McCain isn't helping, either. If truth in advertising applied to politicians, he wouldn't be a Republican or even a Democrat. He'd start the McCain Party - the one party to which he would feel some actual loyalty.

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