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Monday, May 16, 2005
The Newsweek Dilemma

If I have my story straight, the latest issue of Newsweek ran (after some seriously dysfunctional fact-checking) what proves to be a bogus cover story about US guards at Guantanamo desecrating the Koran. The news media picked it up worldwide. There was rioting in an assortment of Muslim countries, in which several people reportedly died. Now Newsweek has apologized and acknowledged the error, but to date they refuse to publish a retraction.

My first question is, Who do they think they are? CBS?

My second question is, Does this mean Newsweek has become a tabloid (in everything but size), or have they willingly become part of the enemy propaganda machine in a time of war?

And how many more people will die because of an editorial board which cares more about scoring political points than about the truth?

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