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Friday, April 22, 2005
Earth Day and Recycling in American Fork

Today's religious holiday is . . . Earth Day. True, my favorite online encyclopedia says Earth Day is a secular holiday. But the most devoted environmentalists seem quite religious in their devotion and quite dogmatic and extra-rational in their eagerness to subordinate large issues of human welfare to the slightest ecological concern. If it walks like a religion, talks like a religion . . .

I am fairly certain that I am no one's environmental hero - a larger topic for another day. Nor am I indifferent. I think the earth is for humanity's use, and that we ought to use it responsibly and reasonably to improve our condition, while bearing in mind the future generations which will want and need to do the same. And I am pleased that American Fork City is finally seriously considering offering recycling. If interest is sufficient, it will happen. It will be optional and will cost a few dollars per month, but it is recycling.

I actually didn't object to mandatory recycling when I lived in central New York, and I don't object to a small fee for American Fork's optional program, either. I am aware that in many cases recycling a thing is actually more costly than simply throwing it away and making or growing or mining more. Otherwise, the recycling I for which I willingly pay a few dollars could be free.

Ours is a very affluent society; even our cameras and telephones are disposable, these days. Our collective tendency seems to be toward waste and irresponsibility in most things. Self-control may be the only control left in our time, but it isn't universally prized, either. So I value the thrift and discipline that come of reducing, re-using, and recycling - even if the cost is a little higher.

I expected to find some information about American Fork's new recycling possibilities at AFCity.org, but as of this writing, I haven't seen it there. Fortunately, we have newspapers. According to the American Fork Citizen, the price will be $4.50 per month, and I register my interest by e-mailing Heidi@afcity.net or by calling 763-3000.


David Rodeback comments (3/7/07):

Here's a link to American Fork's recycling calendar.

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