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Monday, November 1, 2004
Christmas Already?

In 2000 we heard election news in between Christmas tunes on the radio, but that was because there was something wrong with the election. Well, here in 2004 the election hasn't even happened yet, and there's Christmas music on the radio. It's on KOSY, FM 106.5, to be precise, and I heard a rumor that another local station started it up today. I know that in stores Christmas seems to begin before Halloween, now, which seems a little silly. But all Christmas music on the radio, all the time, starting November 1, just feels wrong.

I actually love Christmas music, including most of what KOSY played this afternoon. Sometimes I listen to it in July. And I routinely listen to KOSY at work. But today I found another station for background music, at least until Thanksgiving or so. I'm not quite sure why.

If, perchance, these thoughts seem too frivolous for Election Eve, rest assured I will return to the topic of the election on the morrow. Politics isn't everything.

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