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Friday, October 8, 2004
Some Loose Ends

Remember when I predicted that the terrorists would escalate their activities in Iraq, mostly, and not within the United States, in the last couple of months before our election, as their way of trying to affect our election? Then I explained why. It didn't take a great intellect or an unusual depth of insight; it's not rocket science.

Judging by what I've been seeing on the news, I was right. And Charles Krauthammer, one of the more astute observers of political things, has a piece in the Washington Post today with essentially the same analysis, as well as some discussion of why it's ridiculous to suppose that al-Qaida doesn't prefer the challenger to the incumbent. (Here's the link; you have to register, but it's free.)

I still haven't watched the VP debate, but I will - even though some folks expect it to fade into irrelevance (if it hasn't already) when tonight's presidential debate begins. I'll probably watch the presidential debate later on tape, too, so I can listen to a certain football game live.

Finally, an interesting note, somewhat related to Wednesday's piece. It turns out that the audience for tonight's debate, which was picked by the Gallup Organization, will not be just undecided voters. It will consist largely of what they call "uncommitted voters," who are leaning one way but could be persuaded to vote for the other guy. Apparently, the rules require equal numbers of these "soft" supporters for Kerry and for Bush. Genuine undecided voters would also qualify, but they are now in short supply; Gallup recently had them polling at zero percent, which I believe is unprecedented.

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