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Friday, September 3, 2004
A Prediction: Bush by Enough

Now that both conventions are in the past, I am venturing two predictions:

First, barring absolute political catastrophe, President Bush will win re-election by a large enough margin that litigation will largely be avoided. I may be underestimating the scope of mostly-Democratic voter fraud, but I really don't think this election will be close enough for the Democrats to steal.

Second, al-Qaida is bright enough to realize which candidate will be best for them, and it ain't George W. And they're bright enough to realize that they can't throw the American election in precisely the same way that they threw the Spanish election. Accordingly, they will refrain from major acts of terrorism in the United States, which would likely give the election to President Bush. However, bad news in Iraq and Afghanistan helps John Kerry, so we will see a bloodbath there for the next two months, right through Election Day - and the mainstream media will have a field day making sure we actually see it.

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