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Thursday, January 31, 2008
Presidential Primaries: Updated Running Totals

TheGreenPapers.com has updated its committed delegate totals for Iowa (Republicans and Democrats), New Hampshire (Democrats), and Michigan (Republicans). This post reflects those changes.

Here are current running totals, revised to reflect changes in totals for Iowa (Republicans and Democrats), New Hampshire (Democrats), and Michigan (Republicans), according to information at TheGreenPapers.com . Asterisks (*) mark revised numbers.


  • John McCain: 98*
  • Mitt Romney: 59*  
  • Mike Huckabee: 26
  • Fred Thompson: 11
  • Ron Paul: 8
  • Duncan Hunter: 1
  • Rudy Giuliani: 0*
  • available: 13*


  • Barack Obama: 63*
  • Hillary Clinton: 48*
  • John Edwards: 26
  • available: 19*

If you compare totals here with the table about halfway down the long home page at TheGreenPapers.com, you will see that they have have several alternative sets of numbers, based on different combinations of " preliminary, unofficial, and estimated data" and a hypothetical case in which penalties imposed on some state parties by the national parties are removed.

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