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Tuesday, August 8, 2006
And the Winners Are . . .

Here are the winners in the two primary races of national interest and the two American Fork issues I mentioned in today's earlier post.

Here's a quick report on those four interesting votes I identified earlier today. More commentary will probably follow in a day or two, but for tonight, just the results:

The American Fork City Council unanimously approved a 20 percent property tax rate increase. No one suggested it might not be large enough. Lots of . . . oops, I said I'd leave the commentary for later.

After about two hours of listening and discussing, the Council followed the Planning Commission's recommendation and rejected the proposal to rezone the Carson property from residential to commercial, by a vote of three to one. The one was Councilman LeBaron, and Councilman Cates abstained, citing a conflict of interest.

Senator Lieberman was narrowly defeated in the Connecticut primary, about 52 percent to 48. He says he'll run as an independent, and I suspect he'll win in November. (If he doesn't, the Republican will, and that's good, too.)

There will be one less nut case in the Georgia congressional delegation; Rep. McKinney got thumped, about 59 to 41 percent.

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