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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Thoughts on the Late Terri Schiavo

I've been asked repeatedly, so I'll finally give in and answer, Where am I on the matter of the late Terri Schiavo?

I'm tired of 24x7 news coverage of it all, not that I've been watching the news 24x7. I gather some people thought she had the right to live; some thought she had the right to die; and nobody involved thought she had a right to privacy.

I do not pretend to judge what was right or wrong in this instance, in terms of whether she should have lived or died. I don't know the medical facts of the case; all I've heard is he-said-she-said reporting, which is common enough but hardly journalism at its best, and hardly a solid basis for judgment.

It appears that Governor Bush finally came to the conclusion that he could only intervene, as some begged him to, by breaking the law, so he refused. Good for him, I guess. Whether the law is right or wrong is a separate question; if it needs to be fixed, Florida has a legislature. As important as life is, the rule of law is also essential, assuming we prefer to remain free. But, again, since I don't know the facts, I can't pass firm judgment on anyone, really - not her husband, not certain state and federal judges, not Congress itself - any or all of whom may have been right or wrong, depending on the actual facts.

I do hope she didn't know what was going on and wasn't conscious. Starving to death cannot possibly be fun.


On a far less solemn and troubling note, just so you know, the creators of the JibJab movies have posted a new creation at their site. It's actually someone else's, and that someone is promoting an opinion and a Web site, but here at LocalCommentary.com, we approve of promoting opinions and Web sites. This little masterpiece is "The Drugs I Need", and it's not about illegal drugs. Enjoy.

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